Calibration is a comparison between a known measurement (the standard) and the measurement using your instrument. The measuring equipment has to be calibrated against a traceable measurement standard “at specified intervals, or prior to use” and the compliance with the specification (“maximum permissible errors”) has to be verified.

Assuring the quality of a measurement is crucial. In order to achieve the finest measurement and thereby the correct decision based upon it, calibration of equipment both before and after use is essential and also at regular defined frequencies this both establishes (metrological) traceability for the measurement and fulfills the requirements of ISO 9000.

We have all the necessary precision  measuring instruments like Digital Vernier caliper, Calipers ,Micrometers Dials ,Digital Temperature recorders etc. .,  and which we use at various stages of manufacture and for inspection & testing are regularly calibrated either in our Laboratory or through Certified / approved third party lab .

Inspection & Testing machines are maintained by our highly skilled maintenance staff and are regularly calibrated by External approved agency at pre-defined intervals and all the calibration records are maintained.

Confidence in a product is enhanced if customers know that the measuring equipment has been thoroughly calibrated by an independent, competent calibration laboratory.