Electro galvanizing is a process of depositing zinc on steel surface by the application of DC current with suitable electrolyte containing Zinc metal in solution. The parts to be coated are made as cathode and pure Zinc metal as anode.

The plant is of barrel type wherein fasteners to be coated are made to rotate inside the barrel immersed in plating solution. The parts are connected to cathode and thus get a coating of Zinc.

The color of Zinc is white but by providing chrome passivation to get a yellow or blue colored top film ensures further resistance to corrosion. The coating thickness of electrogalvanized zinc will be about 8-12 microns. While zinc corrodes being anodic to steel while zinc oxide is seen as corrosion product and when steel is corroded red iron oxide is seen.

Zinc electroplating is one of the most common forms of electroplating and popular because of its relatively low cost, protective nature and attractive appearance.

Currently we are doing Electro galvanizing with the following standards:

  1. ASTM B633 SC 2  / SC 3
  2. DIN  267  PART – 9
  3. ISO 4042