Who we are

Gulf Studs LLC is focusing on manufacturing all types of fasteners. The primary business activities of Gulf Studs LLC will include Oil & Gas, Petroleum Industry, General & Civil Engineering, Oil & Gas / Petrochemical, Power & Energy, Automotive, Construction, Transmission Tower Lines, Precast Concrete, Marine, Shipping, Steel Fabrication and Heavy Machinery. Gulf Studs will be one of the Oman leaders in fasteners for oil & gas, water, petrochemical, refinery & power generation sectors. Headquartered in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, Gulf Studs LLC sales and the technical team now comprises over 40 years of collective experience.

A leading in the Fasteners Manufacture, bolts and nuts & Assembly & Accessories Suppliers & Products you need and more important is our commitment to stay with you until the job is done. Gulf Studs LLC also supplies assembly & accessories of All kind of Anchor Bolt (J- Type, L- Type, Vertical Type & U-Type), Hex Bolts Nuts and Washers, Custom made Fasteners, special Fabricated (Design-Based) products.


IZZ Group

IZZ Group Company, is one the main founder. The group primary business activities of IZZ and its subsidiaries include hotel developments, oil exploration and production, oilfield services, construction, real estate development, banking, investment, telecom, agriculture, and other industrial project. Specific projects will include the development of new resort villas, conference facilities, leisure resorts and spas, golf courses and hotels.

IZZ Group will venture into real estate through property development, tourism development, real estate investment and industrial properties. Property development will focus on the construction of residential and commercial properties and will also include cities development projects. In addition, IZZ Group will allocate some of its resources to the establishment of industrial properties for use in state of the art industrial projects.

Al Rashed Fasteners

Al Rashed Fasteners established in 1950, and there a manufacturer of whole range of Quality Fasteners for Oil & Gas, Petro chemicals, Towers, Infra-structure, Construction & Automotive industries meeting various international standards.

Our manufacturing facility includes Heat Treatment, Hot-Dip Galvanizing, Electro-Galvanizing, Fluoropolymer coating, hot & cold forged bolts & nuts facilities, and “Taurus“ brand automotive fasteners besides the Studs and Anchor bolts as per customer supplied Drawings. We produce both standard and as per customer design, specification & requirements.

Al Rashed Fasteners are one of the oldest and most well respected construction fastener manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Let us show you the commitment to customer service, quality products, and on-time deliveries that has allowed us to thrive for over 66 years. End-users including contractors, fabricators, erectors, government agencies, original equipment manufacturers, and other construction related companies. We ship our products all over the world.

Consolidated Energy & Investment Company

CEIC group is an Omani company and is the one of the main founder of Gulf Studs LLC, the company extensively involves in various businesses, such as:
oil, gas & energy, mining business, civil & construction, tourism & hospitality, real estate & property development. investments. industries (factories / projects).

CEIC group is an Omani company and is the one of the main founder of Gulf Studs LLC, the company extensively involves in various businesses, such as:
• Oil, Gas & Energy.
• Mining Business.
• Civil & Construction.
• Tourism & Hospitality.
• Real Estate & Property Development.
• Investments.
• Industries (factories / projects).

Board of Directors / Executive Committee

Director & Chief Executive Officer

Nasser al-Araimi is one of the founder of the company; he comes with vast experiences & knowledge in different sectors such as Oil & Gas, Industrial, Construction, Finance and Real Estate. Nasser has enormous track record either locally, regionally or internationally and he had been working in different countries around the world.

Al-Araimi holds a B.Sc (Honors) degree in Petroleum Engineering, a Master degree in Business Administration – MBA and Doctorate in Business Administration & Management – DBA.


Eng. Khalid Al-Shami is one of the founders of the company, and CEO of Al-Rashed Industrial Group and board of directors for many companies. Eng. Alshami holds a B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering, and has experience in leadership, senior management, financial planning, performance development and improvement and crisis management.


Shahid Iqbal is one of the founder member and General Manager of Al Rashed Fasteners Saudi Arabia. He holds Masters in Business Administration with 30 years of experience in leadership, senior management, export marketing, sales & Marketing and Business development.

Chairmen’s Message:

To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness,foresight and strategy. These lead to the path of growth and high quality operation. It is imperative to combine these three forces in a business where Gulf Studs as a company is always aiming to strive.

We are an organization that combines transparency, trust, managerial and operational skills and resources to rejuvenate the business in the region. As our business infrastructure and human capital integrates to flower a robust performance and to provide an impetus for any businesses. We are a company, which was cradled by the most arduous and sincere entrepreneur in the country, benefited with the support of the flourishing economy of the state and the presence of a diligent citizenry eager to attain success.

Gearing up for the future, we have the key success factors necessary to withstand the winds of change. The encouragement provided to build a highly skilled and creative development team, which is reinforced by the state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our well-recognized market presence with strong and streamlined and efficient capabilities, which boosts of technical prowess, will provide quality production and cost effectiveness.

CEO Messages:

We at Gulf Studs Company have seen the global economic downturn as a challenge and opportunity to strengthen our marketplace positioning and outperform our competitors. It is important for all businesses to take a positive approach which will enable them to grow and emerge stronger then they were before. The global business spotlight remains firmly on the Middle East and North Africa and in particular the GCC countries which have consolidated its position as a world-leading business and financial hub. Global businesses will continue to move to the region in the hopes of managing the massive wealth available to them.

Analysts predict that its reign as a business center will be long-standing. Although there is still work to be done presently in bringing the business arena to global maturity, we must look ahead and focus on our future businesses and business leaders. Otherwise all the work and effort done today, will not count tomorrow.

Gulf Studs LLC is one of main company which is pioneered in various fields & sector its name became an indication of a reality lived and experienced by the Company in all its projects. Such things won’t come without chairman advise & guideness, proper planning, value to the employee and a full transparency to the shareholders.

Gulf Studs LLC strengthens its pioneering position through the ideas and efforts of its investors and partners, who are working as one family and fulfillment of achievements which at along run will become reality.

We ask the Almighty Allah to guide us in all we do to become a valued addition in the sectors of Oil & Gas, Petroleum Industry, Oilfield Services, Oil, Gas & Energy, Mining Business, Civil & Construction and Industrials in the region.


To achieve excellence and passion in every globe of our activity within the near future”. At the heart of Gulf Studs LLC, we look to make healthy profits for all of our investors and build on strong foundations, while balancing that with our commitment to the community.


To be the region’s best manufacturing company”. In addition, we look to build world class products, through the creation of communities that blend with the environment and which meets today’s modern standards but is imbued with our traditions and values.

Corporate Ethics & Principles:

  •  Ethics, personal integrity and transparency

  • Team work, respect and accountability

  • Innovation and knowledge sharing

  • Passion for excellence in execution